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Types of Lifting Equipment for Factory and Construction Industries

Types of Lifting Equipment for Factory and Construction Industries

Various types of lifting equipment exist in the construction with each one being used for a specific purpose. Lifting equipment has been used in different countries across the world for many years and today it is the cornerstone of the construction industry. What types of industrial equipment are there for the purpose of lifting heavy loads and how do they differ? Read on to find out.

Factories use lifting equipment to help with different jobs that have to be taken care of on a daily basis. The following is a list of the types of lifting equipment that they tend to use in factories;

Fork lift trucks are designed to handle heavy loads from goods pallets to large vats of waste. Fork lift trucks can be found inside and outside of factories.

Overhead cranes can be found in a factory environment. They are electronically controlled and are found high up in the factory. They are located above an overhead track and are designed to raise, lower and manoeuvre heavy loads until they are in the desired position.

Magnet lifters are designed to lift magnetic materials such as steel. They use a magnetic force to achieve this.

Pallet trucks are the staple lifting equipment in many factories. They are extremely useful mainly because they don’t need any electricity to power them. Obviously because they are pulled by a person there is less opportunity for carrying heavy loads. Having said that, it is possible for a heavy duty pallet truck to carry up to 5000 KG.

There are many examples of lifting equipment in the construction industry. Some are machines and some are accessories which aid the machines in various ways. The types of equipment that can be found on many construction sites include crane forks and scaffold hoists.

Scaffold hoists are designed to lift lighter loads. They are easy to install making them ideal for short term jobs. Different models exist and can lift loads from 100 to 300 KG. Hoists are either statically suspended while others come as part of a jib frame.

Crane forks are ideal for lifting goods that are on pallet but have to be lifted to a higher level. Such goods include blocks of bricks and concrete. Such cranes can lift up to 5000. KG They come in two different varieties; manual balance and automatic balance.

Slings are designed to work with lifting machinery and are wrapped around the object that is to be lifted. There are a variety of slings on the market including web slings, round slings and chain slings.

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