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The Best Guide Marketing Trends 2020

The Best Guide Marketing Trends 2020

Adobe Survey Unveils Shocking Results: Marketers Spend An Average of $92 to Acquire Traffic

The Best Guide Marketing Trends 2020

And if you think that’s bad, wait to hear that 81% of the 1,700 plus digital marketers surveyed reported that after burning the $92 to get you to their site, they then do little to keep you around.

I just finally got the chance to read through a research report put out by Adobe, the 2012 Digital Marketing Optimization Survey, which I took part in earlier this year. My reaction? Oh boy, let me start by telling you that I was as guilty as charged – yes, I belonged to the group that would spend $92 or more to snatch you up. But what really thrown me off was that my peers, and in an alarming amount, had reported of having committed the same sin and more!

The survey, which attracted over 1,700 digital marketers worldwide to participate, asked meaningful but often overlooked questions such as “who or what determines which marketing content is displayed on your site?” and “in which areas are you conducting online tests?”. These questions and others focused on examining the conversion gap by looking from an optimization stand point, across channel, content, personalization, social networking and mobile engagement.

Adobe defines optimization as taking action on rich data and content to deliver the highest return on marketing spend and efforts. Of the 1,700 plus digital marketers surveyed in 2011, over 80% of responA�dents reported allocating 15% or less of their marA�ketA�ing budA�get to optiA�mizaA�tion efforts. Just a shy 1% up from 2009.
On overall site, page and content optimization, here’s what the marketers reported:

More than 50% cited testing was not a comA�pany priority

Fewer than 50% reported are optiA�mizA�ing on-site search results and

38% of said that they don’t provide any conA�tent or prodA�uct recommendations features on their site

In the burA�geonA�ing areas of video, mobile and social on the other hand, marketers seem to be on track:

61% said they are focusA�ing on video in 2012 to help drive conversion

70% of responA�dents cited social sharA�ing as a top effecA�tive social strategy and

The top three mobile strateA�gies marA�keters plan to focus on this year are mobile optiA�mized sites, mobile apps, and adverA�tisA�ing proA�moA�tions, includA�ing bar codes and QR codes

So what’s going on here? After not buying into social and mobile for years, are we finally starting to figure it out? But did that come at the expense of abandoning some long-time tried and true web tactics? I hope not. Let’s not forget, as web mavens, our job is to nourish the whole digital ecosystem and that usually starts from the web (the one you have little control over) and, in a perfect world, should ends on your site (the one that you are in charge). The loop can be long, can be short; the circle can be big, can be small, but most importantly, integrated marketing beats out stand-alone campaigns (that’s a whole other story we can explore some other time) and optimization, applied effectively, will help increase your bottom line.

Coming back to the Adobe report, five areas emerged that may hold the biggest ROI opportunities for marketers to “take advantage of”, or I’m just going to be honest and say these are the areas that we need to catch up. Here’s what Adobe had to say about them:

PriA�orA�iA�tize optiA�mizaA�tion across your orgaA�niA�zaA�tion as a strateA�gic process. Tip: demonA�strate small conA�verA�sion wins to gain supA�port and buy-in for more ongoA�ing optiA�mizaA�tion efforts.

Use a data-driven approach to optiA�mizaA�tion. To do: leverA�age your anaA�lytA�ics to betA�ter inform site search results, what conA�tent to test and to recA�omA�mend and what areas to focus on personalizing.

OptiA�mize conA�verA�sion with video. Do now: offer more video conA�tent, whether it’s creA�ated in-house or creA�ated by your users. Both forA�mats offer visA�iA�tors with a way to engage deeper with your brand and become more eduA�cated before decidA�ing to click, purA�chase or subscribe.

OptiA�mize social engageA�ment. Do more: enable conA�tent sharA�ing funcA�tionA�alA�ity within your conA�verA�sion funA�nel and test the placeA�ment and mesA�sagA�ing of the calls-to-action.

OptiA�mize for all mobile chanA�nels. Double check: make sure that your tablet expeA�riA�ence is laid out for that parA�ticA�uA�lar audiA�ence and the way they preA�fer to shop or conA�sume conA�tent. Your approach for smartA�phone users will also be distinct.

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